Executive-Ready Presentations

Download the One-Pager now, click hereAbout this Presentation Skills Workshop (2 days)

The ability to communicate decisively about strategic issues when facing “C-Suite” and senior executive audiences is a “must have” skill for middle and senior managers. IWCC’s Executive-Ready Presentations workshop will help managers plan and deliver strategic presentations that meet the expectations of their executive audiences.

Who Should Attend this Presentation Skills Workshop

Executive-Ready Presentations is designed for middle and senior managers who are required to present on strategic issues to the “C-Suite” or other senior executives. It is appropriate for people who are at a stage in their career when their ability to present at the strategic level is critical to their own success and the success of their organization.

We suggest a maximum of 6 participants with one IWCC facilitator – or 12 participants with two facilitators for this workshop.

What Participants Will Learn

By attending IWCC’s Executive-Ready Presentations workshop, your managers will learn to:

  • Assess their existing skill level for presenting strategic issues to executives
  • Identify and deal with the unique rules and expectations of “C-Suite” audiences
  • Plan their strategic message and clarify their objectives for executive-level  presentations
  • Develop their content by focusing on the information that senior executives need and isolating the critical messages from the supporting detail
  • Improve their ability to get to the point quickly and deliver the right amount of information
  • Manage difficult Q&A sessions and pushback without becoming flustered or allowing their presentation to be derailed
  • Design and use visuals to support their message; avoid the worst excesses of PowerPoint
  • Use their voice to project confidence and deliver credible messages
  • Illustrate their points through appropriate use of analogy and anecdotes.

We use video feedback extensively to reinforce participant learning.